How to change graphical interface?

From Kaisen Linux

To do what?

The KDE, LXDE and XFCE interfaces arrived some time after the first versions, and migrating to a new graphical interface is not easy.
You have to purge the old one (not mandatory, but avoids overloading the system and avoiding potential conflicts), and install the new interface.
A package has been created for each GUI officially supported by Kaisen Linux installing all of the predefined configurations.
For this a tool has been created to do it simply and fully automated!
This tool was also created so that the user does not come to reinstall his OS in the event of difficulties.


The kaisen-interface-switcher script allows you to change your graphical interface by installing the one of your choice by removing your current graphical interface. It can be started by the sudo kaisen-interface-switcher command.
The first versions of this script reinstalled for each user the default profile of each interface (execution of the kaisen-interface-switcher command during the script) but this lost the personalization of the user if he wishes to reinstall his graphical interface. 'original (e.g. switching from MATE to KDE then from KDE to MATE).
This problem has been corrected by replacing the installation of a default profile per interface with a package installing the default profile for all graphical interfaces (see kaisen-skeleton). You can therefore change the graphical interface at will, without losing a single one of your settings!