How to build custom ISO ?

From Kaisen Linux


A package called kaisen-build has been developed to allow you to build your custom ISO based on Kaisen Linux. It is also this package and the tools it installs that we use to build official releases. The main objective of building your own ISO is to create your own live system and have one more up to date while awaiting official publications from the Kaisen Linux team.
The second objective of doing this is to integrate into your live system tools which are not integrated by default in Kaisen Linux and which need to use them on a live system.
Note that creating a custom ISO also includes the Debian installer (default configuration provided by kaisen-build) customized by us (graphic theme, file systems, partitioning, preseed etc ...). Doing this is not useful for having a newer installable system, just do apt update && apt upgrade to have your system constantly updated and with your software installed.
We advise you to use kaisen-build in order to create your own live system.

How to proceed?

Install kaisen-build with the apt install kaisen-build command. The package will install live-build (a set of scripts used by Debian to build their official ISO images, which we also use), live-manual and live-doc which will help you get started with the live-build configuration and customize your ISO, live-boot to start your live.
Once the package is installed, in /home/* you will have a folder named kaisen-build. Go to the variant folder and add your own variant, or modify the already existing configurations and add your packages, modify the boot entries and many more!
A script named kaisen-build in the kaisen-build folder, will allow you to build your ISO taking into account your settings for the version of the ISO, as well as the variant to use to build the image.
If you want to customize your ISO, configuration and more, we refer you to the Debian documentation.

Further information


Please be aware that we will not provide support to users wishing to create their own ISO. Not that we don't want to help you, but we are very busy professionally and on the constant development of Kaisen Linux.

Warning on personal images

One of the strengths of the GNU/Linux world, which we follow to give our users the choice to do what they want with the environment we provide them so that they can adapt it to their needs, is also a problem because the integration of malware, trackers or others can be facilitated.
To avoid this kind of inconvenience, do not download an ISO image outside the following two mirrors: and
Also check the SHA256 checksums indicated on the official website.
So keep your images created by yourself for yourself, and do not use ISOS images whose origin thereof is not a certainty (check the checksums on the site to be sure).