Discord rules

From Kaisen Linux

Here are the rules to follow on the Kaisen Linux Community Discord.

- Be friendly and polite at all times.
- Respect everyone on this server, whatever their role.
- We welcome constructive criticism, but we do not tolerate any aggressive or unwarranted claims.
- Harassment, abuse, hate speech or any form of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated.
- Do not spam. Do not mark people, including the community team, repeatedly or unnecessarily.
- Do not discuss political and religious subjects.
- Do not send any content related to piracy or infringing copyright.
- Do not publicly accuse other users. Please always use private messages to notify us of a member.
- Threats, including those "made as a joke", will not be tolerated (see severity).
- Do not advertise other discord servers or third party websites other than the official ones.
- Use the lounges that are specific to your needs.
- Breaking these rules, depending on the severity of the violation, can result in deportation or banishment.
- The rules are not exhaustive and the moderators will use their judgment in the face of disruptive behavior.
- Do not discuss evictions or bans with moderators or the community team.
- If you see someone breaking these rules, please contact one of the moderators or a member of the community team.
- Do not publish any NSFW content except Channel Specifier (images and text, including your avatar and nickname, relating to explicit sexual content).